At five years old, Clinton* was referred to the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut by the Department of Child and Family Services. His foster parents were concerned about his aggressive behavior, problems getting along with his foster siblings, inappropriate touching, and clinginess.

During his first visit to the Child Guidance Center, a clinical assessment was performed and Clinton was referred to a therapist for weekly sessions. The weekly sessions helped the clinician identify triggers in Clinton’s problematic behaviors that stemmed from his previous experiences as a witness to domestic violence and abuse.

Clinton’s foster parents were also referred to a clinical therapist for bi-weekly parent guidance sessions as part of the treatment plan. During these sessions, Clinton’s guardians learned how to more appropriately set limits for Clinton and respond to and manage his emotional needs.

After six months with the Child Guidance Center, Clinton’s behaviors had become less impulsive, and the relationship with his foster family improved. The therapist assisted Clinton in transitioning back to his biological mother, leaving the foster family on a positive note.

*Identifying information has been changed to maintain the privacy of our clients.