CGC offers a broad range of individualized mental health assessment and treatment services tailored to meet the needs of kidsparents and professionals.




Crisis services target children at the highest risk for injury, abuse, or trauma:

  • Mobile Crisis Intervention Services are provided 365 days a year to stabilize critical situations and prevent suicide, violence, and dangerous behaviors.
  • Child Advocacy Center provides a child-friendly environment in which children who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect are interviewed for forensic purposes and connected with mental health, advocacy, and medical services.
  • Community Emergency Response offers on-site counseling for emergencies that impact large groups in the community, including natural disasters and school violence.



Specialized treatment services target children of certain age groups and diagnostic categories to foster healthy development:

  • Child and Family Therapy provides a range of clinic-based assessment and treatment services for children ages 3-18.
      • Open Access Clinic provides immediate triage and intake evaluation for new/returning clients.  Services offered include a comprehensive assessment during which initial recommendations and referrals, as clinically indicated, will be provided the day of this initial appointment. Please click here for our Open Access hours.
  • Child First offers intensive, in-home parent/child therapy and care coordination focused on decreasing the harmful effects of trauma and deprivation on early development (ages prenatal-6).
  • System of Care helps families with complex needs access integrated services.



Our preventative services, such as community education workshops and consultation services to schools and child-serving agencies, advance best practices in the field of children’s mental health.



Testing and Assessment services help identify and design a plan to address developmental, learning, and neuropsychological concerns:

  • Developmental Evaluations: assess the cognitive, social and emotional functioning of children ages 3-6, identify strengths and challenges in early development and outline ways to address them.
  • Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments: assess the cognitive, educational, and emotional functioning of children and adolescents and provide recommendations to address any challenges that arise.