At 16 years old, Valerie* requested to return to CGC to enter therapy for a third time as she felt an increase in her panic attacks. Valerie suffered from severe depression and anxiety due to continued sexual abuse by a close relative. Upon returning to CGC, she expressed thoughts of suicidal ideation. Valerie had been sexually abused, neglected and also witnessed frequent domestic violence incidents.

Valerie worked closely with her therapist at CGC to create a trauma narrative which helped her to make sense of the traumatic experiences she had suffered firsthand and how these experiences and others she had witnessed, impacted her life and her family relationships.  This extensive exercise, completed with the help of her CGC therapist, coupled with Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TFCBT), allowed Valerie to able to rebuild her sense of self. Although Valerie wished to stop treatment at various times, she stayed committed to herself and was able to complete her trauma narrative and therapy. As Valerie’s time in treatment was concluding, COVID had just began which caused Valerie’s anxiety to rise over her fear of feeling isolated and being able to regain employment.

When Valerie successfully completed treatment, Valerie’s depression was in remission and she no longer had thoughts of suicidal ideation.  Valerie was relieved she had worked through all of her past traumatic experiences, and was able to focus on her future and even got a job she is enjoying while doing remote school.

*Identifying information has been changed to maintain the privacy of our clients.