14 year old Maria* planned to kill herself and her 2 month old infant daughter until CGC’s Mobile Crisis clinicians arrived at her home. Maria came to this country alone, becoming pregnant after she was sexually assaulted when crossing the border. Overwhelmed and afraid, she could not imagine any other way to end her pain than to end her and her child’s lives.

Our team successfully helped Maria get the help she so desperately needed – one clinician stayed with her until police and EMS safely got her to a hospital and the other clinician held and comforted her baby until child protective services (DCF) arrived with a plan for her care until they could be reunited.

CGC’s crisis team worked closely with the hospital, Maria’s school and DCF to ensure therapy and support were in place … a few months later, Maria and her baby were both adopted by a loving family.

*Identifying information has been changed to maintain the privacy of our clients.