The Pitney Bowes Foundation awarded The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut (CGC) a grant of $7,500 in support of their Fostering Healthy Development and School Success (FHDSS) program.

The FHDSS program improves school performance among youth with emotional, behavioral, or social problems. Some of the issues treated in the FHDSS program include poor grades, difficulty paying attention in class, trouble socializing with peers, and anxiety about attending school. By maintaining strong partnerships with teachers, counselors, and educational staff, CGC’s therapists are able to identify issues early and prevent the consequences of untreated mental health problems. Last year, 80% of children and teens that completed treatment at CGC improved their academic performance.

“A key focus area of our Foundation is literacy and education,” explained Polly O’Brien Morrow, Vice President, Pitney Bowes Foundation. “CGC’s FHDSS program directly aligns with our efforts to fund programs that are designed to close the achievement gap and empower children to grow into productive members of society. We want to help ensure that all children have everything necessary to succeed, and positive mental health is essential for children’s academic growth.”

“We are very grateful for the support of the Pitney Bowes Foundation,” said CGC’s President and CEO, Dr. Eliot Brenner. “Their funding allows us to continue to provide children and teens with high quality mental health services to help them thrive.”

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