At CGC, we realize how incredibly valuable our supporters are in helping us advocate for children’s mental health.  We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize one of these supporters.

Muska Musongo Kayembe has been volunteering with CGC as a Gala Committee member and a Youth, Empowerment, and Success (YES) mentor since January.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, for as long as Ms. Kayembe can remember she’s been fascinated with human behavior. She currently holds degrees in Psychology and English, and has continued her studies in child psychology, obtaining child development certificates and taking a neuropsychology class at the University of Connecticut. She hopes to further her mental health knowledge and obtain a master’s degree.

Ms. Kayembe grew-up in an environment that stressed community and admired leaders like Nelson Mandela who said, “Children are our greatest treasure.” Ms. Kayembe’s passion for supporting children led her to volunteer at CGC. “I strongly believe the greatest gift anyone can offer is time,” Ms. Kayembe explained. “I, therefore, try to commit to worthwhile causes that positively influence others, more specifically, children.”

Ms. Kayembe said, “What I’d love to share with others about CGC is the Agency’s commitment to improving the lives of children and families in the community.  CGC not only offers great human social services, but challenges individuals to play their part in giving back. The organization gets hands on and personal, helping at-risk youth improve their circumstances. The numerous efforts and programs offered to help build young lives are both commendable and inspiring.”

She added, “Giving back with CGC does not require extensive monetary commitment, but rather a willingness to help bring change and the passion to see it through. There are no prerequisites other than a giving heart and an open mind. It is both an honor and pleasure to work and be affiliated with the organization.”

We, at CGC, have no words for how grateful we are for Ms. Kayembe and supporters like her. If you’d like to volunteer with CGC, please contact our Development department at or (203) 517-3320.